Todd Westra


Growing up as the 8th child out of 9 kids, I learned early on that if I wanted to experience the finer things in life, I was going to have to earn

them! When only 8 years old, my brother and I shared a paper route in the Seattle Area and learned the lessons of Sales, Fulfillment, Working

with Vendors, Collections, and managing AP accounts.

Was it worth it? YES! I spent the next 5 years alternating between newspapers, and building up the largest number of clients per available houses in the region. As you can see on my timeline below, there have only been a few breaks from entrepreneurship during my entire life!

One of the most important things I learned was that with hard work and focus, you can put yourself into nearly any industry you choose and apply the same principles of management to achieve a great measure of success. Not all of the businesses on the left were winners, but all of them generated revenue!

My greatest challenge in entrepreneurship? Getting burned by savvy investors. In a couple of verticals I jumped into, it was impossible to scale without significant investment. Having been burned twice, I decided to continue building businesses I could bootstrap, and have managed to build several multi-million dollar companies in multiple cities and countries throughout the US and Asia.

I have been very involved in the startup community in Utah, and have been able to work with dozens of startups in helping to build out their revenue models and establish their business culture and personalities.

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